Welcome to Blue Mountain Meats!

Since 1954, Blue Mountain Meats has distinguished itself from other food distributors through customer satisfaction and our meat expertise.

Not The Biggest But Chef Preferred because we are members of UNIPRO FOODSERVICE, INC. which is the Nation’s largest purchasing, marketing, and operating organization for independent Foodservice Distributors. This means, that although we are small, we have the purchasing clout of over $23 billion in collective sales. Giving us as much purchasing leverage as the corporate giants. This means you can deal with a Small Company and still have the benefits of a larger one.

Owners recieving the Jeffery Butland Award
Recieving the Jeffrey Butland Family-Owned Small Business of the Year Award

The Operator’s Edge is a newsletter created with the independent operator in mind. It’s packed with informative and educational aritcles that relate to all aspects of running your business from menus to money matters, marketing and training.

You will also find articles on consumer insights, managing vendor relationships, and information on marketing tactics that drive traffic.